Making better choices – my weight loss journey

Hi there, and welcome to my ‘better choices’ journey.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. At 14, I was a size 14. At 16, I was a size 16. At 18 I was a size 18. At my biggest I was a 24 and now, depending on where I shop, I am between 20/22.

I have tried so many diets: Weight watchers, slim fast, slimming world, (heck – yesterday I  nearly had hypnotherapy) they all work. But only for a while. If I am really going to do this and achieve a healthy lifestyle then I need to change my ways for good. I need to make better choices.

How do I make better choices?

For now I will have a <1600kcals daily limit and when I crave unhealthy things I’m going to question myself. See my flowchart – yes this is how my mind works and yes, I won’t swim with dolphins whilst fat. In fear of them judging me!

My flowchart (click to enlarge)

This blog is here to keep me accountable, to give me something to look back on and feel proud about and to share my favourite recipes with you. Wish me luck!

12 years of Cassie *ages approx.