About Me

Hi there! As you may have guessed, I am Cassie…

Recently 2 years ago I made a huge decision and moved to Wellington, New Zealand. It’s a whole 18,000kms away from my home, the United Kingdom. I live a quiet life here in the city and spend most of my time working as an advisor in the government sector, wishing for sunshine or begging my husband Andrew to buy me a dog (its been 8 years…)


With my Mum’s dog in August 2016

Here, you can follow my life, experiences, trials and tribulations living life as a British Expat in NZ. The blog may contain traces of:

  • The long and expensive NZ immigration process
  • Our journey to hopefully buying a house
  • Learning how to drive like a kiwi
  • Wellingtons micro climate
  • Cooking and baking
  • My family
  • Travel
  • Wanting a dog (did I mention that?)